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Twelve questions to ask to identify an alcoholic

People must respond honestly to the test. If four answers are affirmative, then the person consulted has a clear tendency towards disease.

Drinking is a social act, for this reason, it is very difficult to detect that a person has problems with alcohol. Many alcoholics are not aware that they have a problem with alcohol; However, at some point in their lives, people have questioned themselves about their relationship to alcohol. If you have ever questioned whether or not you have a problem with alcohol, this article may give you some clues that will answer the key question of I am an alcoholic?

What does it mean to be an alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a disease that can have people who have some difficulty controlling the consumption of alcoholic beverages. A person who has developed an alcohol dependency can not stop by himself, and this will bring negative consequences in all aspects of his life

The symptoms can be varied. But here we bring you some hints:

-You need to take more and more alcohol to get the desired effects.

-You have made a great effort to control or stop drinking but you have not been able to achieve it.

-Empleas long time in drinking or recovering from the effects of the drink.

Alcoholics Anonymous has created a test of twelve questions for those who may have problems with drinking. If the person responds affirmatively to four questions, he has decidedly inclinations to alcoholism.

1. Have you tried to avoid alcoholic beverages for a week or longer without having reached the deadline?

2. Do all the tips that other people have tried to give you to upset you about not drinking alcoholic beverages?

3. Have you ever tried to control yourself, avoiding drinking an alcoholic drink and consuming another type of drunk?

4. Have you ever drunk in the morning during the last year?

5. Do you feel jealous of those who can drink without difficulty?

6. Has your drinking problem worsened the past year?

7. Do you have problems at home with your drinking habits?

8. In meetings with friends, partners, etc. Where there is controlled drink, try to get extra drinks?

9. Are you always saying that you can stop drinking alcohol, but you really have many problems to do so?

10. Have you missed your job this year by drinking alcohol?

11. Have you had difficulty thinking or reasoning about drinking?

12. Have you thought that you could be more successful if you did not drink alcohol?

People with alcoholism do not do it overnight. This disease is a long process and the person who suffers from this disease can not realize its own gravity and needs help to get out of the hole.

It may be that the question of how to tell if you are an alcoholic has ever crossed your mind. Here we gave you some keys to know. However, the simple fact that you have asked yourself the question about how your relationship with alcohol is is alarming and can indicate you indicate that your relationship with alcohol is more intense than you would like, so we recommend you Seek the advice of a professional who can help you assess your alcohol consumption.

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