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Seven accessible routes for flexibility and complete relief from back pain

Seven accessible routes for flexibility and complete relief from back pain

It’s important to know that a sedentary lifestyle is the best for us, but that does not mean it is always better for us to spend a little time in the office and devote more time in the gym. Most of us rely on technology to do our work and manage our daily lives, and it does not prevent us from being particularly active. Anyone who works at home or in an office can confirm the fact that probably will not get much regular exercise as they should. These are why a day to stretch the lower back pain can bring a lot of grief.

Back pain

Score statistics such as back pain raised rapidly – according to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain at a particular time. In fact, it is one of the most common complaints in the medical offices worldwide. While many people care their pain with ice packs and painkillers, it is much better to examine the source of your aches: sore muscles. Of course, regular massages get useful, but also the muscles to stretch and stretch pain relief to complete. They simple stretching can have several advantages for the body and mind. Yoga, stretching is coordinated, practiced even in prisons as a way to improve the health of the inmates and reduce the levels of aggression that reduces the number of fights between inmates. These simple routes will do wonders for anyone who spends most of their time – sitting in a stationary position – or someone who has a bad back, regardless of your activity.

Seven comfortable flat back stretches for pain.

This flat back stretch will keep you flexible and vigorous!

  1. Stretching with Chair with Lower Back.  

 Start stretching with a chair!

  1. Sit on a stable chair with your knees apart.
  2. Place your left hand on the bench seat and hold the handle down, the back of your hand toward the ceiling.
  3. Lean towards the left without chest next to knee. Keep your shoulders relaxed and right. Slightly bend to the head on your left shoulder.
  4. If you feel pain, place a pillow over the left thigh and lean against it while stretching.
  5. For a deeper stretch in the back, roll your right shoulder and bend side inward.
  6. Take a deep breath.
  7. To finish the time, bring the right arm in front of your body and on your right shoulder. Wait a few minutes.
  8. Turn inward the right shoulder, one breath at a time.
  9. If you do not feel a stretch, let the right arm rests on the left thigh and back to the starting position. 20. Relax and repeat on the other side.
  10. Stretching back hip tendon

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, repeating each leg.

  1. Maintain the stretch for 30 seconds to repeat each leg.
  2. Start by sitting with both legs in front of you on the mat.
  3. Place a rope or a resistance tape under the arch of a foot. Keep the other leg lying on the floor.
  4. Sit back on the stretched legs on the floor; the angle is 90 degrees. Breathe and keep your lower back in touch with your carpet.
  5. Go with your foot or slightly the knees bend the trail a little more to explore.
  6. Hold a few breaths, back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
  1. Stretch the knee to the chest

These are relaxing and therapeutic. Add it to your morning routine during the day to get relief.

  1. Lie down and bend the left knee.
  2. Use your hands and pull the knees on your chest while grabbing your shinbone or pulling an Achilles tendon. Keep your back on the ground to do it. You should feel your hips and buttocks.
  3. For a deeper stretch, put your nose up to the knees to hold the loose shoulder.
  4. Hold the stretch for 5 to 30 seconds, repeat 2-3 times and three times a day.
  1. The Spinal Twist Stretch

You might get some satisfactory cracks behind it!

  1. Lie on your Side with the lower arm extending outwardly at an angle of 90 degrees about your body.
  2. Take your thighs and over the bottom of your leg, pull them to the floor with the lower hand.
  3. Put your head down, put your hand on the chest.
  4. Breath and remove the ribs and turn your upper body to the other side while exhaling.
  5. The original position increases as you inhale back and forth for 4-5 breath.
  6. for your next breath, turns completely to one side to support the shoulder blades to the ground. Take a few deep breaths.
  7. Keep the stretch for 30 seconds per leg or go if you have assets in the new range.
  8. Piriformis Stretch

You will feel this stretch in the lower back, buttocks, and back of the thighs.

  1. Lie on the back, the knees bent and lay a pin on the other leg above the knee.
  2. Lift the lower leg on the floor towards the chest until you feel the pull on the pelvis.
  3. Hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Slowly loosen the leg on the floor, pull the sides of the upper and the switch legs.
  1. Stretching hip flexors

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, then change the legs and repeat.

  1. Start by kneeling, with your right knee by the ankles and hips. Your left knee should aligne with your back and hips with the left shinbone on the ground behind you.
  2. Press your buttock muscles towards your pelvis inward.
  3. Next, pull your belly muscles.
  4. Finally, while keeping the buttocks and abdomen muscles activated, your weight will move on the front knee. Lean also.
  5. Hold your breath a few.
  6. Repeat with the other leg.
  7. Quadriceps Stretch Pose.

For the best results, repeat this part twice a day, before and after the workout.

  1. Lie side with one arm under the head, neck and slightly angled support leg and the upper leg support.
  2. Place a napkin around its high ankle and hold the two ends from above.
  3. Check your belly muscles and bring your upper hips. Head straight and parallel to the thigh.
  4. Keep the track for 30 seconds on each side – is a good idea to do it twice per side. All these sections are beginners and fast to make, which could significantly help manage pain back (3). Be sure to take deep breaths to perform these stretches relieve pain in your lower back.

How to avoid back pain

If you feel pain regularly, and it’s time to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Perform strength exercises and stretching the back as described above, at least 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Use good body while sitting and standing.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects. When you lift something heavy, bend the knees, and the back just keeps the right muscles to work and avoid injuries.
  • Stay active and balanced diet. Do not be afraid to lift weights with your cardio routine!
  • If you are overweight, lose weight, keep some tension on your back.

Despite all that has begun to believe, it is possible to live without pain. By practicing these changes in lifestyle and stretching back, pain backs feels healthy and relaxed after a few weeks. However, if you feel pain, you can make an appointment with your chiropractor to ensure that your spine is in perfect alignment.

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