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Do you know some bodybuilding risks?

Nowadays it is known by many members of the medical community in the world that the bodybuilding can cause unpleasant effects or damages to the health of the athletes who practice this discipline. Various investigations have been carried out to know the health problems that can cause the indiscriminate use of drugs to improve the appearance of muscles.

That is why this physical activity is quite questioned by doctors and other athletes. Even some people do not consider it a sport.

For a normal human being to get the muscles as you can see in Hollywood movies or sports magazines, not only do weightlifting work but must be combined with artificial substances.

According to specialists, the human body is not designed to withstand 50 kilos more muscle mass, therefore, many have considered bodybuilding as an artificial discipline, such as anything that can be added (breast implants, for example).

In nature, a human being could not obtain a body with such developed muscles doing only daily exercise, and that is where the controversy begins.

Many athletes consume hormones to have larger muscles, but this could cause muscle hypertrophy, but when the athlete leaves the consumption of these substances could cause them to lose the muscle fiber achieved.

Something similar happens with the diets of the “miracle” type and the hated “rebound effect”.

A few figures

Statistics say that an average of one million people in the United States is injured each year due to injuries caused by the misuse of exercise machines.

The study, published in the journal Sports Medicine The Physician and Sports Medicine, concludes the findings of a group of researchers who has analyzed information collected by the US Centers for Disease Control on a total of more than 100 hospitals across the country.

Many have thought that the increase in the number of injuries caused by the misuse of exercise machines when practicing bodybuilding is due to an increase in the number of people practicing this discipline, but it is not. In fact, the number of individuals practicing this sports discipline has remained constant for many years.

The sector most affected by this increase is the elderly, who have chosen to practice bodybuilding in order to prevent degenerative diseases.

According to all these health specialists and some athletes who have been champions in these disciplines have warned about some things that are failing in many places where it is possible to practice bodybuilding. For example, they say that sports centers must hire highly trained trainers with a thorough knowledge of this discipline; they must also be very responsible when it comes to interacting with rookies who are entering for the first time in this sport, but it is something that is not always fulfilled. Attention should also be drawn to two relevant facts. On the one hand, many families buy home appliances that they do not know how to use correctly and do not advise properly with a specialist. On the other hand, gymnasiums and sports clubs neglected considerably, the service in exercise rooms where the necessary equipment is found to carry out this activity and some users cannot pay this service and end up training themselves without receiving any type of advice.

It is easy to see every day in the gym many people or novice athletes repeating over and over improper exercise routines that, sooner or later, will end up causing an injury without the trainers present in the place do something to remedy.

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