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Do you know what is Hashimoto’s disease?

It is a long and difficult road for all those people who have a diagnosis with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Many people have daily questions related to the thyroid and how they can overcome the disease. We have written this post to help you and give you some resources to find your own answers.

You may not initially find the signs or symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease, or you may notice the swelling in the front of your throat. Hashimoto’s disease usually progresses slowly over the years and causes chronic damage to the thyroid, resulting in decreased levels of thyroid hormone in the blood.

Hashimoto is an autoimmune disease that causes hypothyroidism. Many specialists have studied this disease and have discovered three factors that cause the manifestation of this disease. Some features:

-It has its origin in its genes.

-There is one factor that can trigger it. It can be environmental

-Affects intestines too

-It has also been known that eliminating two of some of the triggers can help people regain their health and even reverse the condition.

Hashimoto’s disease occurs when a person’s genes are predisposed to an autoimmune condition; When there is exposure to toxins or chemicals, nutrient deficiency, gluten sensitivity, dairy or soy products, infections, etc.; and when you have a leaky gut (intestinal permeability). When these factors arise, all necessary conditions are created and autoimmunity appears.

Knowing the source of the problem

Knowing the triggers and healing of your bowel is essential to reverse the disease and help the patient recover.

So how can you overcome eta disease? Where can we start? Here are six steps to get you started:

It is essential to get the correct diagnosis for this disease. Perhaps this might surprise you, but there are many people who have a bad diagnosis that can avoid receiving the proper treatment.

Get the right medicine and dose – Thyroid medicines are very sensitive. Thyroid medications can cause a lot of damage in large amounts and very little is not effective. It is important to know the exact dose.

Food – Diet is very important for health. You must find a very healthy lifestyle diet that works for you and works to implement it in your life.

You should try to balance the adrenal glands – Adrenal glands control our ability to manage stress. And when handling stress inappropriately would be a key factor contributing to the development of an autoimmune disease.

Bowel healing is another key factor in fighting this disease. For example, Bone Broth is excellent for intestinal health and is very nutritious.

Elimination of toxins – This is related to a diet with many vegetables and no fats that help your intestines to facilitate the elimination of toxins and you will be surprised by the increase of energy and general well-being.

A final recommendation:

Many experts recommend starting with nutrition, and this is certainly an important first step.

You must have a clean and nutritious diet

It is highly recommended to eliminate gluten, dairy, and soya from your diet. You can find multiple nutrition options with the Paleo or Autoimmune Paleo diet, which are the best diets to use while you are trying to regain your health. You can find great support in a nutrition professional to support your recovery and feed you and your family with delicious nutrients.

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