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Could musical notes influence the state of our blood vessels?

A melody, a little rhythm and a lot of harmony are the components of a recipe that helps reduce stress.

The use of music as relaxation therapy has spread over the years throughout the world and its benefits in patients with cardiovascular disease have been the subject of numerous studies.

If you like to listen to your favorite music while practicing exercise you should know that you could be multiplying the benefits of physical activity on your arteries and heart.

Some scientific studies have shown that the inner layer of our blood vessels called the endothelium is sensitive to music.

The endothelium has a powerful effect on the tone of the blood vessels and regulates the flow of blood, adjusts blood clotting and cravings. It also releases chemicals and other substances in response to injury, infection or irritation.

The effect of music

A Serbian study evaluated the effects of listening to music on endothelial function. The study measured circulating markers of blood in 74 patients with coronary disease.

Patients were then randomly divided into three groups: one followed physical training (T), another aerobic exercise while listening to their favorite music for 30 minutes every day (MT), and a third group only listened to music (M ).

At three weeks, the markers were measured and a stress test was performed. The value of nitric acid (NO), a gaseous substance with protective action, was higher in groups that listened to music.

Participants who listened to rewarding music for half an hour while exercising not only improved the state of their arteries but also increased their exercise capacity by 39% (those exercising 29% and 19% exercising alone They listened to music).

Why is music good for the heart?

Some explain that it may be due to the activation of endothelium-derived nitric oxide. This substance is released in response to brain beta-endorphins when we listen to the music we like.

The authors of the study consider that this method could be part of the rehabilitation of patients with coronary disease.

What kind of music is the best for your health?

There is no ideal music for health. The best is the one that increases your positive emotions and makes you feel happy or relaxed, say the scientists.

If you want to take care of your circulatory system it is better that you listen to happy music. According to another study by the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, led by Michel Miller, emotions caused by joyful music could benefit the cardiovascular system, such as medication or exercise.

Miller’s team performed a test to measure the dilation of blood vessels. Dilatation depends on 100% of the degree of functioning of our endothelium. But with stressful music, the blood vessels contracted 6% while relaxing melodies dilated 11%, which in turn increased blood flow.

Other benefits for the heart and that surely you did not know

In addition to improving endothelial function, music lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

It seems that it can also reduce the perception of pain.

So we are unaware of a panacea for heart disease, the leading cause of death in developed countries

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