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Benefits of Sardines and why its good for heatlh

The sardine is a fish that contains a lot of calories. It is a healthy food that should not be lacking in any balanced diet.

It stands out above all for its high content of proteins and minerals, among which nutrients such as phosphorus, iron and sodium stand out.

It is a great source of Omega 3

Many people consume large amounts of food and saturated fats, such as vegetable oil and butter. This can alter the balance of fats in the body and lead to a variety of problems.

Some experts claim that DHA and EPA are the most easily usable forms of Omega 3 for the body and consuming these foods like sardines and other fatty fish can help to correct this ratio.

Good source of Selenium

Experts have explained the importance of selenium for health. This mineral helps a lot to regulate the functions of the thyroid and the adrenal glands. Selenium is also necessary for the production of glutathione in the body.

Selenium and iodine are synergistic and are together in most natural sources, including sardines. A can of sardines contains the entire GDR also known as recommended selenium diets and a smaller amount of iodine. This can help the body to get a proper balance of selenium and iodine.

Sardines are high in calcium and phosphorus

Sardines are essential for our health because of their high content of calcium and phosphorus, one of the main characteristics of this fish is that we can consume their skin and bones. Although there are people who may feel strange in doing so. However, all this amount of skin, flesh and bones has important deposits of vitamins and minerals, including a large dose of calcium from your bones. In this way, we can absorb calcium in a highly recommended form because it is a highly absorbable form.

Many people may have allergic reactions to dairy products, and eating fish with bones is one way to get enough calcium without consuming dairy. There are recent studies that find some results that ensure that replacing calcium from dairy calcium with sardine is a safe food-based way of getting enough minerals.

Phosphorus is an important mineral for the health of bones and teeth, as well as being difficult to find in food sources. Sardines are one of the best natural sources of food, and their consumption is highly recommended to give the body the dose needed to keep skin, teeth , nd bones healthy.

Sardines can increase Vitamin D in your body

The vast majority of us humans have a high deficiency of vitamin D. Many experts say that we must take doses of sunlight rationally because some scientists have even gone so far as to claim that we have a deficiency of sunlight and that vitamin D deficiency is contributing To various types of cancer and health problems.

A rational consumption of sardines contains high contents of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

Sardines are low in mercury and other metals

Nowadays the environment is highly contaminated with metals such as mercury. This makes a great concern about fish consumption. Fortunately, sardines are considered one of the safest fish to consume because of their small size.

The sardines eat plankton and occupy the lowest link in the ocean food chain. This means that they contain much less mercury and other heavy metals than larger fish such as tuna.

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